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Yorkshire Devolution Movement



†††††††† The name of this group is a reference to the political humour contained within the popular seventies sitcom Citizen Smith and the Monty Python film Life of Brian.


†††††††† The aim is to promote the Campaign for English Regional Assemblies (CERA), which in turn wishes to bring together all political parties and non-politically aligned groups, with declared aims or policies pursuing English federalism and democratic liberty, to return control of our democracy to itsí rightful owners, the people of England.


†††††††† The inspiration comes from a lifetime of political involvement by Claude N Robinson (1898-1988) and the radical but unorthodox efforts of Winston Churchill (1874-1965), both of whom could in many respects be regarded as frequently occupying opposite ends of the political spectrum but worked tirelessly to achieve similar goals.


†††††††† We also wish to acknowledge the contributions made to furthering democracy and liberty by our predecessors; Charlotte Grace Way (1900-1984), Thomas Way (1872-1953) and Charlotte Lowe (1872-1949).

Keith Clayton

Martin G Clayton

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